Stacy Bride

First Impressions

The lead picture on the tour for StacyBride is one with the smiling star posing topless. I mention the image because in it her breasts look simply wondrous. I’d go so far as to say they look perfect in fact. They’re perfectly round and unbelievably perky and she hasn’t had a lick of work done. The rest of the tour page is a media assault featuring more amazing pictures and sample video clips in case you’re not convinced by the hot stills. I love hot teenage babes and Stacy is near the top of my list.

Hot Promises

The first thing they do is make sure you know the site is still updated regularly. Images from the six latest additions are placed along the top of the page along with their date of publishing. Below that they get to the business of the tour and the hard work of convincing you to send them money for access to Stacy’s private collection of hot pictures and videos. You’re promise strip teases, cute posing shots, lesbian hookups and much more.


A pretty purple background greets you after logging in and they waste no time getting you to the content. The most recent updates are right at the top of the page and next to those are the most popular content sets. If you’re here for the first time I’d recommend browsing those to see what the long term members enjoy the most. You can also check out the Best of Lightspeed, which offers picture galleries from the most popular Lightspeed girls. It’s a teaser to convince you to purchase an upgraded membership, but it’s still hot content.

Stacy has photo galleries and video clips for her members. There are 60 picture galleries and they mix solo and girl-girl sets. If you’ve seen any of the images on the tour you know that Stacy is a total cutie. Her picture galleries emphasize that through cute clothing – pajamas, pastel tank tops and t-shirts, booty shorts, etc – and the fact that she’s always smiling. It’s fitting because she has such a beautiful smile, so if you’re looking for a brooding model you should take your business elsewhere.

It wasn’t clear from the tour if Stacy gets fully nude in her photo galleries, but a quick trip through one image set confirms that she does indeed bare her pussy for your pleasure. She keeps herself shaved down there and I must say it’s breathtaking at first glance. It looks delectable and I suspect most men will feel a tinge of desire when they first lay eyes upon her snatch.

I mentioned that Stacy sticks mostly to the cute stuff in her image sets, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do sexy when she wants. My favorite gallery on the entire site is called Nightie and it features Stacy posing in a sheer white nightie. She looks amazing in it, especially since her breasts are so perky. They hold the material high on her chest and the soft, sheer body of the lingerie gently caresses her flawless frame. There are a few other hot lingerie galleries as well.

StacyBride is a part of the Lightspeed network, which means she has access to all the girls for lesbian photo shoots. She takes advantage of that access by bringing along some of her friends to do hot girl-girl shoots. They keep the lesbian action to a minimum – it never really goes beyond a simple grope or a light kiss – but watching four girls all posing naked and groping each other is hot enough to give me heart palpitations. I only wish she had done more galleries with multiple chicks from the network.

Stacy has produced fourteen videos for her members, and while that’s a small number (too small, really) what she’s done is awfully hot. There are a few solo scenes, but mostly these are lesbian videos with girls that seem genuinely attracted to each other. They kiss, suck each other’s nipples, lick pussy and more. One of the two solo scenes features Stacy stripping from a pink bra and panty set and the other shows her taking a foot bath. It’s a must see for foot fetishists.

Each video comes with multiple viewing options. First you can browse a small screencap gallery to get an idea of what the scene contains. Then you can choose from one of five video formats: Windows Media, QuickTime, MPEG, iPod/PSP and 3g2 mobile. So if you’re watching at home, on your portable video device or on a mobile phone you can enjoy the nude stylings of Stacy Bride. The Windows Media files look the best and they can be downloaded as one large clip or in several smaller parts.

There’s a video called Bus Party that has been broken into three parts. There are five girls in the scene and they must have been doing some drinking because they seem horny as hell and they’re all acting like strippers. The girls get topless almost immediately and then begin giving each other lap dances. There’s so much beautiful female flesh rubbing together it will blow your mind. The kissing is hot, there’s plenty of nipple sucking and a few of the girls even go diving below the belt. Prepare to be stunned by that clip and the other girl-girl scenes.

Stacy Bride isn’t exactly lighting up the world with the volume of video content she produces. That problem is solved in part by the bonus content that comes free with your membership. It consists of more than 150 leased feeds, almost all of which are dedicated to videos. Topics covered include panties, lesbians, porn stars, cheerleaders, classic porn and voyeur. You can watch a hardcore sex scene in one instant and a hot cheerleader doing a dance for you in the next.

Croco’s Opinion

I’m smitten with Stacy Bride. I think she’s incredibly attractive and I absolutely love her body. That attraction helps in overcoming the few flaws I see with her site. The largest is the relative lack of video content. With only 14 scenes you’ll blow through them in no time and then be left out in the cold. Also, I wish she updated more than once a week. That being said, I think this site is well worth the price of admission because Stacy is such a hottie. Also, if you spend just a little extra money you can get access to the entire Lightspeed network.


The design is minimal but it works. The picture galleries could use bigger thumbnails.

Pricing Policy

Pay $29.95 for one month’s access. Pay $34.95 for one month’s access to Mandy’s site and 10 others in the Lightspeed network. Pay $39.95 for one month’s access to the entire Lightspeed network.

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